Assam NRC list row: Shocker from BJP MLA T Raja Singh, says ‘shoot illegal immigrants to protect country’

Mr Raja Singh, BJP

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party leader T. Raja Singh on Tuesday made extremely shocking comments regarding the ongoing debate over the National Register of Citizens (list) in Assam, suggesting that “all illegal immigrants” in the country should be “shot down.” His comments came even as the debate in the Parliament saw Home Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP chief Amit Shah defend the government’s decision on the citizen registry.

While speaking to reporters, Singh made the appalling comment and said, “If these Rohingyas and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants do not leave India respectfully, then they should be shot and eliminated. Then only our country will be safe.” Singh’s comments were slammed by the opposition parties for inciting violence over the sensitive issue.

T Raja Singh, who is a member of the Telangana Legislative Assembly, represents the Goshamahal assembly constituency in Hyderabad. He is also the party whip for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana.


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