Karnataka’s Coalition Govt is in a Coma: BJP Leader


Bengaluru: BJP wing of the state on Saturday, February 2 took a dig at the constant squabbling between ruling Congress-JD(S), saying it was in a ‘coma’ and expressed doubts whether Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy would even present the state’s second budget on February 8.

Senior party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister claimed that 20 to 25 disgruntled MLAs of the alliance were out of the reach of their leaders and the coalition government was in a ‘coma’. He referred to Kumaraswamy’s reported statement at a JD(S) legislature party meeting that he was not a chief minister for the last seven months, but ‘just a clerk’.

“Whether he will present the budget or not, it is a doubt for us,” he said.

He reiterated that the BJP would not make any attempts to topple the government and asked both parties not to blame the saffron party for not being able to control their MLAs.

“About 20-25 Congress-JD(S) MLAs not having trust in their party have been roaming around, away from the reach of their party leaders because of antagonism towards Congress, JD(S) and the Chief Minister- they are not in touch with them.

“Congress-JD(S) are trying to blame BJP for it, it is not right. If you don’t have the mettle to control your MLAs, why do you blame BJP? you don’t have the moral right to tell they (MLAs) have gone with BJP,” he told reporters here.

Ashoka also said there was also ‘confusion’ within the coalition on contesting the polls together.

His statement gains significance in the backdrop of political turmoil in the state last month following alleged attempts by BJP to topple the H D Kumaraswamy led coalition government by poaching few Congress MLAs, who reportedly went incommunicado from the party leadership, and were camped at a hotel in Mumbai with plans to jump ship to the saffron party.

Claiming that BJP’s strength in the assembly has increased from 104 to 106 with the support of two independents, he said those without public support were now running the government.

“The person with 38 MLAs has become Chief Minister, this is anti-democratic, so we are not sanyasis… when the situation arises, we will utilise it hundred per cent.”

On whether BJP would support Sumalatha Ambareesh, wife of late actor Ambareesh if she decided to contest as an independent from Mandya, Ashoka said the party would take a decision as and when the situation arises. He said the BJP would talk to her if required, as the party too wanted to field a right candidate in Mandya.

“Let’s see….in politics nothing is stagnant, changes keep happening..whether this alliance will be there or not… whether this government will be there or not, no one knows. Even astrologers don’t know, the public also don’t know, BJP also doesn’t know,” he added.


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