Is there any suspicion behind the organization with similar names to National Thowheed Jamath


Eight blasts at Sri Lanka during the Easter day had rocked the entire country in which 290 people lost their lives. Sri Lankan Islamic hardline organization NTJ (National Thowheed Jamath) is suspected to be responsible for the attacks.

There were some Islamic organizations present with similar names like SLTJ (Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath) and TNTJ (Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, based on the state of Tamil Nadu). There were some suspicions raised on these organizations with these similar names, which was denied by these organizations.

TNTJ spokesperson Abdul Rahman denied that the organisation had any links by saying, “Just because the two organisations have Thowheed in their names, it doesn’t mean that they are linked”. SLTJ organization also denied such links with the NTJ.

Even after such denials, there are some reasons for such suspicions. BBC report says that “Until Monday, when the Sri Lankan government spokesman mentioned its name, very few people had heard of the NTJ. The group is believed to have splintered off from another hardline Islamist group in the country, the Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath (SLTJ).”

The BBC report also says that “But given how small NTJ are, officials suspect that it wasn’t acting alone.

“We don’t see that only a small organisation in this country can do all that,” Mr Senaratne said. “We are now investigating the international support for them, and their other links, how they produced the suicide bombers here, and how they produced bombs like this.”

And while not naming the NTJ directly, the Sri Lankan president’s office echoed this belief that whichever group was behind the attacks had help from abroad.”

According to the report, NTJ got splintered from the SLTJ and NTJ is a very small organization, which is incapable of carrying out attacks of such a mass scale unlike its parent organization SLTJ, which has roots throughout the country and this is the reason for the raised suspicions against SLTJ. It also should be remembered that TNTJ leader P. Jainulabudeen was invited by the SLTJ for the release of Sinhala translation of Koran in 2015 to Sri Lanka.





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