Modi government to purchase more armoured vehicles for paramilitary forces


Narendra Modi’s government is known for giving the highest form of importance to the defense forces and to boost their capabilities in modern ways. Providing them with bullet-proof jackets that was delayed for years, fast-tracking the Rafale deal, finishing the deals of M777 Howitzers, Boeing P8 Poseidon and Chinooke and apache helicopters are the prime examples for this.

Recent development in the modernization of defense forces is that paramilitary forces will soon get more mine-protected vehicles (MPVs) for their movement in the highly violence-prone areas in states such as Jammu and Kashmir and Chhattisgarh.

According to an Ministry of Home Affairs official, Rs 613.96 crore has been sanctioned for paramilitary forces to purchase additional mine-protected vehicles, bullet-proof jackets and ambulances, among other equipment. The ministry also sanctioned Rs 16.84 crore for buying seven new remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) for the anti-terror commando force, the National Security Guard (NSG).

The remotely operated vehicles that was sanctioned for the NSG, can carry survey inside buildings, buses, metro trains and railway stations and can help forces locate and defuse IEDs without the intervention of Humans. The new vehicles is said to possess a modular mount for weapons (SMG, MP5 and shotgun), a de-armer disrupter and a real-time viewing system.

A large number of civilians and paramilitary personnel are killed or injured in Naxalism-affected areas as well as in Jammu and Kashmir because of IED explosions each year and this upgrade from Modi government will control these loss of lives.



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