Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath says that Congress will win just 122 seats

NEW DELHI, INDIA - AUGUST 1, 2008: Kamal Nath, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, addressing on '' WTO Doha Negotiations and India :The Way Forward '' at FICCI Federation House, on August 1, 2008 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Arvind Yadav/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath says that Indian National Congress will fare better than the previous and he is hopeful that Congress party will triple its seat share from 44 to 122. Kamal Nath had made a mathematical error as three times of 44 is 132 not 122.

Out of 543 constituencies, the grand old Congress party was able to secure just 44 seats, its lowest in the entire Indian political history. Instead of aiming for a full majority, Congress seems to have come to the conclusion that they won’t be able to do so

BJP is aiming to secure a clean majority like 2014 and Congress party would be happy if they are able to cross three digits.

He did not specifically mention whether Congress will support a ‘third front’ but he uttered that the motive of all the parties is to keep BJP out of power from center.

After the end of three phases of election, Congress party looks less confident in winning a huge mandate from the people and looking hopeless as some trends show that BJP could have gained a lot of ground after the end of three phases.



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